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Apr 23, 2013 6:00am PDT
roles of day la salle's legendary coaching staff. [ wind howling ] [ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious. > >>> de la salle's high school football team, the subject of a new movie. we are getting the cast of the film when the game stands stall. it is filming in new orleans. the movie is based on a book chronicling the 2002 season in the spartans national record-winning streak. the reach real coach stepped down back in january after 34 years and 399 wins. >> it should be made into a movie. >>> it is 6:27. still ahead. the new curfew in the works to curb what teen drivers can do behind the wheel. >>> plus, a police standoff with a teen terror suspect leaves a boat in shambles. how a bay area man is leading the charge to get it replaced. >> patients ditched across state lines. the scathing accusations ag
Apr 23, 2013 5:00pm PDT
street. >> filming started on the football team at de la salle high school and coach lad retired after another championship. his teams won 399 games during his 34 years on the story. a storied career. spartans had 12 undefeated seasons in a row. do you remember those undefeated seasons? amazing. >> very, very cool. something else is cool we know whether boys or girls on the falcon nest interest there. >> yes. >>> coming up at 6:00 apple stock free fall comes to an end. tonight why investors decided to bite on the shares today. also, the man refused to mail it in. when his request to the postal service went unanswered. how michael finney came through for him z an east bay girl showed off a science project during a special visit to washington. those story smorz coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> we know about the trio of feathered celebrities in san jose. >> a biologist went to determine the sex of the falcon chicks. >> so cute. turns out all threes are boys. a biologist repelled off the roof into the nest box. >> he was able to examine the boards. a contest is being held now to name th
Apr 17, 2013 6:00pm PDT
. and of great interest, that guy, nate montana, the son of joe, of course. he graduated from de la salle. he talks to our joe fonzi today about the experience. >> it's awesome to be local, come back here where my dad played. you've just gotta put your head down and try to make your own name. but it's like a blessing and a curse. but you just try to ignore the name, oh, that's joe montana's son. you just show them you're a different player than you're dad. >> you'd never know he was his son. doesn't look anything like him. wish him the best. that would be pretty cool, wouldn't it? make a name for himself, well, crime scene investigators in boston now have a mountain of evidence. but how do they determine which of the hundreds of images from the boston bombings contains the key to catching who did this? coming up on the 10:00 news, we break down the meticulous process forensic investigators are now performing. >>> and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we are always here for you at and mobile ktvu. thanks so much more joining us! we'll see you at 10. i knew there we
Apr 8, 2013 4:00pm PDT
heard their reference to dolores park right now, just a few months ago to the delays in la salle and oak street projects which were unanimously approved at the mta board after 10 years of process. for bike and will pedestrian safety improvements, but were unfortunately held up because of concerns around parking which is not part of ceqa consideration. i just want to share that it really is confusing to everyone the way thing are done now. so, given our city's priority on transit first and our organization's priority on helping the city, live up to transit first, we support this and hope you move it forward. thanks. >> thank you, ms. lam. >>> thank you, xiiixv. -- supervisors. my name is julie [speaker not understood]. our planning committee has voted unanimously to oppose the legislation as it now stands. that does not mean we oppose changes to the ceqa code in order to achieve a kind of transparency that supervisor wiener is after and to really make a level playing field for the general public. i just want to call your attention to the fact that people have pro sessionals and planning m
Apr 23, 2013 7:00am PDT
being filmed in louisiana right now about the de la salle football team's 151 winning streak and the coach behind it all. "when the game stands tall" stars this man playing the coach who stepped down this year. they are filming it in louisiana where the tax credits make filming less expensive. the movie "when the game stands tall" is due out next fall. >>> let's check in with sal. see what's happening on the roads. sal? >> all right. good morning. we are seeing some crowded conditions to be sure. we'll start off and look the at commute on 101 san francisco. you can see the traffic is slow. getting onto that lower deck or accessing the downtown access. northbound 101 traffic slows from vermont street there. looking at the bay bridge coming in from the other way, it seems to have improved. now we're down to 20 and 30 minutes there as you wait at the toll plaza and if you are driving on the nimitz freeway, we have slow traffic, beginning at 238. let's go to steve. >>> well, just some incredible temperature differences this morning and also very windy for some. chloe up in clearlake said
FOX News
Apr 29, 2013 6:00am PDT
take you to the west side of since nat thee, at cincinnati's la~ salle high school. reports of a person injured after ha shooting at the high school, apparently another person apprehended. we are in touch with the sheriff's department, also in touch with the police department in cincinnati. we're working through more information on that. it is just breaking on this monday morning. don't know if it happened before school began or after classes were underway. syria's prime minister escaping an assassination attempt. it happened earlier this morning when a car bomb went off near his convoy. leland vittert live with our middle east bureau. did the attack have a broader goal? >> reporter: as of late the rebels have not had much success in either attacks like these or those out on the open battlefield, clearly this was an attempt to try and stem the tide and turn the momentum. as of late the groups behind many of these attacks are the al-qaida syndicate groups and the syrian government is using this opportunity to say really the people behind president revolution are quote, terrorists.
Apr 23, 2013 11:00pm EDT
official has appeared before congress in just over two years. in your 13th appearance. brad la salle, your engagement was consumers and industry representatives as has been widely praised. the richard cordray has made significant progress in protecting tumors including students, servicemembers and other americans. for example, the cfpb has developed a number of tools including that will help students make the best races as they pursue these regimes. it is $445 million. it is in the hands of armed donors and the economy. earlier, the richard cordray have stricken mortgage stange is an includes the ability to bp provision, which requires one nurse to make a good-faith effort to determine where a borrower can make his or her payments. these roles have been generally well received by consumer and industry alike pacificare undertook and the rules. however, we must ensure these rules do not have impact on underserved areas, including world areas. i look forward to hearing from director cordray at how this will impact world lending and is an important issue. europe make comments about reducing re
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)